Who is MrDavidRuano?
Artist, Filmmaker, Photographer and Overall Creative!
As an artist deeply enthralled by composition, creativity, and color, I am continually fascinated by the profound ability of these elements to evoke emotions that transcend barriers of language, culture, and race. Throughout my artistic journey, I have explored various mediums, honing my skills as a photographer and filmmaker since 2009, while wholeheartedly embracing the role of an art creator for more than half of my lifetime.
In 2016, I established RuanoFilms as the cornerstone of my filmmaking endeavors. As a versatile professional, I adeptly fulfill multiple roles as a camera operator, editor, director, producer, and writer. My unwavering passion lies in collaboration, perpetually seeking opportunities to breathe life into compelling narratives.
Under the artist signature of MrDavidRuano, commonly known as MrDR, my creative vision permeates all the brands I have founded or contributed to. Whether it be films, fashion, artwork, poetry, or beyond, my name is closely intertwined with a diverse range of creative expressions.
This platform serves as an avenue for me to share a showcase of my extensive body of work and highlight the talented collaborators I have had the privilege to collaborate with, though naturally, only those projects available for public viewing are featured here.
For inquiries or booking, feel free to contact me!
Thank you!