Who is MrDavidRuano?
Artist, Filmmaker, Photographer and Overall Creative!
As an artist, I have always been captivated with composition, creativity and color; and how the combination of these can create emotion that transcends language, culture and race. Using various mediums to express myself, I have been fortunate to be able to be a photographer and filmmaker since 2009 and creator of art for over half my lifetime.
I started RuanoFilms as my main brand for filmmaking in 2016. Being a camera operator, editor, director, a producer and writer, I am always in the lookout to collaborate and create a story to bring to life.
MrDavidRuano a.k.a. MrDR is my main artist signature that expands throughout all the brands I have created or have been a part of. You can see my name attached to films, fashion, artwork, poetry and more. 
On this site I will share the work I have done and the collaborators I’ve had the pleasure to work with, well the ones that are available to share publicly.
For inquiries or booking, feel free to contact me!
Thank you!